1 Freecell

Think you're the true Freecell master? Try this difficult card game on for size! The One Freecell Game only has one open cell to move cards around in, instead of four in the classic version! This makes the game almost impossible to beat. Be sure to plan out every single move carefully and have a plan for any card that goes into that free cell, or else you'll lose the game quickly! But you're an expert, so we have no doubt in your Freecell ability! :)

1 Freecell is played just like the classic freecell game. Place cards in the game in columns alternating color and in decreasing order. The goal of the game is to get all the cards into the upper four slots according to suit, in ascending order. Freecell games all use an open cell to help move cards around in the game. One Freecell only has one of these open cells though, so play wisely! Can you beat the ultimate free cell game? Try your hand at 247 Freecell's 1 Freecell!

One Open Cell Freecell

  • Instead of 4 open cells, play with only one free cell!
  • One Freecell is played just like classic freecell but with a twist!
  • 1 Freecell is for true freecell masters, or masochists! ;)


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